Bernie Sanders Sabotage – Let’s not Forget him, OK?

I guess I gave up the very day that  they sabotaged Bernie Sanders  out of the US election. I would say that he had created such hope, and inspiration around the world , that  I know a bunch of people like myself , who are  just ignoring the US election as much as possible.

The Old Trick of ” Oh Bernie Sanders is a Commie”

What saddens me is the fact that it is going to be a trend , that from now on , everybody who really cares about people, equality and does not have any vested interest in big Wall Street Names is going to be called a “commie”. Even President Obama, in his annual and last meeting with members of the press chose a “communist-related” joke for Sanders. It is Red Scare all over again!

What saddens me more , is the indifference of many democrats who will forget Sander’s name or will not going to remember him one year from now. I would say the job of an independent politician is the most unrewarding job in the world. I mean you could literally die for your constituents and they don’t care. since big media and big money do not support you.

Wall Street People Wanted their ” Puppet” , not Bernie Sanders

It is indeed a crazy world we are living in, a world in which evil can beautify itself so skillfully that people would recognize it as the ultimate good. A world in which ignorance is rewarded and skepticism is frowned upon. Where do you think genuine people like Bernie Sanders would stand in such world?Yes my friends it is their world (you know who I mean) we just live in it.

But the key to survive in such world , is to be at least aware of what goes on around you, because I rather be sad and aware , than to be stupid and happy. I know it sound like a cliche , but I do really mean it.

I never Forget Bernie Sanders, neither should you

Bernie Sanders sabotage won’t be forgotten. At the end of the day I, like the rest of you,am going to watch Clinton win, yes I might even watch her inauguration  (I highly doubt this one though), but I , am never going to forget that there was a man who cared about the overall health of the “world”,  (in a country whose politicians can afford not to care about even their own constituents )and people and other shady circumstance stopped him . Oh no,  I won’t forget, and if you are reading these words , I think you would not either.



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