Bob Dylan Wins Literature Noble: When Lyrics Outshine Music

I am not surprised one bit about Bob Dylan winning the Noble prize for literature. He has written  hundreds of very amazing songs  throughout his career. His song ” Blowing in the Wind” had an amazing impact on the political movement of the sixties. I think it is fair enough to say that he was a voice of generation tired of the conservative and bigoted ways of life in the fifties.

Songs that are Stories

He wrote the song Hurricane  with Jacques  Levy, which criticizes the amount of racism black people had/have to tolerate , through telling the story of a false imprisonment of a black man for a crime committed by a white guy. This song makes you angry,entertains you, and more importantly, as with all of his songs makes you listen.

I’ve rarely seen such poetic elements in a song, as I’ve seen with Dylan’s Just Like a Woman. I know he had written the song for a real life person, but the description and his elaborate poetic language amazes you to a point that you can get lost in that song. Think of this line:

When we meet again

Introduced as friends

please don’t let on that

You knew me when

I was hungry and it was your world

I always thought that is the best and most poetic possible way of saying: don’t let anybody found out that there was a time that I needed you and you didn’t care. Some of his songs are also open for interpretation, and a poet/songwriter/author who knows what he/she is doing is the one whose work can be analyzed and understood in many different ways.

Songs that make you think….

He is beyond a protest songwriter/musician, as a matter of fact I think the best break up song I have ever listened to is Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice it’s alright. I have listened to this song -and when I say listen I don’t mean when you listen to Rihanna singing werk werk werk, I mean I listened to the song, understood its meaning with all my soul and I have cried. This song depicts a lover’s frustration with a love who is never satisfied and who had never taken him seriously. His other fantastic love song I Want You, is also very beautiful, it proves that he can add some rhythm to his music, without lowering the quality of his lyrics (something that nobody seems to be able to do these days!)

And last but not least, I think Dylan revolutionized a genre by deciding to write Like a Rolling Stone, as a Rock and Roll piece. I bet Dylan could write ten novels out of this one single song, but he always followed his passion which is writing songs.

An Award Well Deserved…….

He won a well deserved award today, we all owe it to Dylan. In  a day and age that an artist’s aim is not to make you listen to his/her songs, but to sell music that has three or four lines in it as lyrics, Dylan is a treasure we should all celebrate. His lyrics go beyond the world of music, and are pieces of literary art.

I had the chance to discover Dylan in an early age , and am proud to be millennial  fan of him. I hope he’d never stop writing lyrics and poems , but I guess even if he decided to do so, his legacy is strong enough that he will live on forever. This happens when you’re a legend.

So, Congratulation and thank you Mr.Dylan! No one deserves it like you do!



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