Recipe for Moving on After the Election

Moving on after the elections would be the best thing to do. Yes, I admit, I wanted to write something here,I wanted to be sad, outraged, and everything in between. But, I decided to move on. Here are some reasons:


On a Serious Note: Nothing Can Actually Change the Situation


No matter how angry, devastated and upset you might feel (you participated in the riots as well? oh grand!), it won’t make Trump’s presidency less of a truth. It is one of those hard truths that you might just simply accept, like a very bitter medicine that once you gulp down, it loses it importance and you move on doing what you were doing before.

The I Told you so Moment is Really Comforting (Only for Sanders Supporters)


And yeah yeah yeah, we know we were right all along. We told you that Hillary Clinton is not exactly the beloved character -she was trying so hard to be- everyone would rather vote for. Yep , we told you that polls after polls, it has been proved that only Sanders has the capacity to defeat Trump (he could actually have a landslide victory against him). We told you that not only Trumpeters (is that what they call themselves now?) hate Clinton, but the moderate Republican who thinks that Iraq invasion was a mistake and shares his doughnut with his gay colleague once in a while, hated Clinton’s guts. And yeah, now that Trump’s president, these little reasons for happiness like the I told you so moments for us Bernie supporters, is enough comfort to move on.

Think How Trump Fans Feel, when they Realize he’s not gonna Build that Wall

Think about your hardcore Trump fan uncle who had made his throat soar by yelling ” build that wall” at Trump’s rallies all trough the elections. Well, he’s not gonna get his wall, because that’s not the way things work and Trump knows it better than anybody else (yeah he’s actually smart in a childish way , if that makes any sense). If that doesn’t make you smile a bit , I don’t know what does.

Think of those Immigrants who don’t want Other People like Themselves in!

I’ve head a friend of mine saying that his Romanian friend who has recently moved to America, put on a picture of his little girl on Facebook kissing Trump’s picture with a caption: we finally got America Back!”. Yeah there are loads of folks out there who don’t like to see other people like classic-1293177_960_720themselves coming in. Don’t you think their stupidity is mind numbing?

So do become numb and laugh, cause don’t you think that it is really funny? When everything seems out of place somehow, going numb and laughing would be the best option, don’t you agree?




If you still can’t move on, I don’t know, smoke some weed, (if it’s legal in your state of course)kiss your girl/boy (if you’re gay you might  kiss them harder), but whatever you do don’t give up on the future, because that is exactly what some politicians wants you to do.



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