Sylvia Plath and “the Bell Jar” we are all Afraid of

I’ve read “the Bell Jar” when I was in a very dark place, it did make me cry, but that does not mean I did not enjoy reading it. I and probably anyone who had read this book, could definitely sympathize with Esther Greenwood (the author herself actually) and her paralyzing blues.

Depression, a Real Struggle Depicted Perfectly

Sylvia Plath wrote “the Bell Jar“, under the alias of Victoria Lucas, out of the fear of offending her mother. The result is a very accurate description of depression, now that we all know Plath wrote that as a kind of autobiography, the accuracy of the story makes so much sense.

Esther Greenwood is an aspiring writer, who finds herself paralyzed with such agonizing depression that she cannot write or do her daily routines anymore. In desperation she commits suicide, but she survives and goes through the process that most suicide survivors go through (if they’re fortunate enough to be able to afford mental health care).

I think everyone struggling with depression can relate to Esther , her desperate crying when she finds out that she has survived and is in the hospital. Her description of the doctors, nurses, from the point of a view of a mentally unfit person is daunting, beautiful and just plainly sad.

Towards the end of the book and when Joan commits suicide, and when Esther says the famous line of :” I took a deep breath and listened to the  old brag of my heart : I am, I am , I am, at her funeral, we all know that she has broken her bell jar, till the next time that it would descend upon her again.

Why you should read this book, even if you are Depressed!

I read this book while I was very depressed, and it amazed me how the perspective of  depressed people could be similar, the same dark mind set , same old melancholy urge to escape. I cannot write a word when I am depressed either , just the way Esther was struggling at the very begging of the book.

Unfortunately, Ms.Plath killed herself and no happy ending was there but still reading this book won’t do you any harm. Au contraire , it will make you more willing to get help and fight the glass walls of a bell jar that descends upon everyone once in a while.

Why only a Poet Could write such Amazing Book

I deem poets to be different from most people, what a poet feels is fundamentally different from what a journalist, architect or even a novelist feels. That is why , reading “the Bell Jar“, is such a different, emotional and pleasant experience. I am not one of those people who consider women to be more delicate and emotional (yes, a man can be more emotional and fragile than a woman), than men but I adore the touch of femininity in Ms.Plath’s book. What goes on in New York, and all the little details such as the book about the fig tree, writer’s maneuver on the story of Rosenbergs. are all wrapped around a delicate feminine touch.

I’d like to recommend this magnificent book to you all, and be more than glad to hear your thoughts on it.

P.S: The link to the audio book has been put up above as always, for y’all busy birds!


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