“Arsenic and Old Lace”: Comedy they don’t make Anymore

Arsenic and Old Lace” is another movie you can add to the list of Christmas  watch list. I know most people have not watched this movie, but I will guarantee its brilliance . This movie will create happy times for you and your family, without having zero special effects and technological tricks in it.

Cary Grant a Comedy Actor?

Yes, ladies and gents! Cary Grant was also awesome at being a comedian (besides being insanely handsome and all that). This is the story of  newly wed and former eligible bachelor Mortimer Brewster, who finds out on his wedding day and on his way to his honeymoon,  that his two innocent looking  aunties are serial murders, who kill lonely, old men to ” rid them of the pain of being alone”,

Since his brother, Teddy (he  believes he is Teddy Roosevelt and he is the best Teddy Roosevelt) is not mentally fit , and helps the old ladies in burying the bodies in the cellar (as President Roosevelt he thinks they are victims of yellow fever and buries them so no one would find out about them),he tries to admit him to a lunatic asylum to put an stop to this madness.

While Mortimer tries to get all the signatures and legal procedures in doing so his long lost half brother Jonathan (a serial murderer too) who is now looks exactly like Boris Karloff as Dracula , pays a visit to his aunties place with a dead body , and creates chaos and unbelievably comical situations.


A Hat off to Basically everyone in this Movie

It is not only an star such as Cary Grant that makes “Arsenic and Old Lace“, the delightful movie that is, but it is basically everyone in this movie (even the extras are brilliant), that makes it what it is. Two actors playing Mortimer’s aunts are so believable and lovely that you sympathize with them even when you find out that they have killed more than dozens of lonely gentlemen.

John Alexander gives a class A performance to Teddy (everyone he yells chaaarrrrge running upstairs, you are going to laugh your hat off , I promise), Raymond Massey is the stupid but dangerous Jonathan who will go crazy every time someone mentions that he looks like Boris Karloff (a crazy little fake plastic surgeons known as Doctor Einstein has made him look like Karloff to escape from the police , and he had watched Dracula before doing the surgery).

Frank Kapra : Do I Need to say More?

The name, Frank Kapra means a lot to lovers of classic cinema, from “It’s a Wonderful Life” to “Arsenic and Old Lace“, he was a pioneer in the movie industry and most of his movies, are delightful, memorable and are made with great taste. He had a talent in getting the best performance from his actors and actresses.

However, if you don’t know who Frank Kapra was and are not necessarily a fan of Cary Grant, I bet you still enjoy a good laugh on those long and sometimes not so cheerful Christmas days. I’d be more than glad to hear your thoughts on this movie .




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