Irish People Call for the Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

Last night, the Maldron hotel in Cork, was the meeting place of those Irish activists who are lobbying for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Ireland for Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana
In Hope of Getting Rid of Pain , People Gathered at Maldron Hotel Last Night

What went Down at the Meeting

Vera Twomey, the mother of little girl named Ava was the first speaker of this meetings. She started her painful story by remembering the day when she was told by doctors that her daughter was suffering from Dravet’s syndrome , a condition that can cause severe and sometimes fatal epileptic seizures.

Vera Twomey, Medicinal Marijuana
Vera Twomey and her Husband Campaigning for the Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana for the Sake of Sick Children like their own Daughter

No medication seemed to alleviate little Ava’s fits. Mrs. Twomey’s eyes were filled with tears as she talked about her daughter’s 15 consecutive fits, that led to a heart attack and how she somehow managed to survive it. ” She is a fighter, without even knowing it.”

After trying every prescribed painkiller with no luck, Vera Twomey and her Husband finally decided to try marijuana  [in form of oil and capsules] which they’ve obtained from Dublin. That was the end of Ava’s horrible seizures.  Now they are doing everything in their power, to legalize medicinal marijuana in Ireland. ” We don’t want to break the law.”

Everything changed when they met Gino Kenny, a Teachta Dála from Dublin . Mr. Kenny is an Anti Austerity Alliance (PBP ) TD.

Gino Kenny Medicinal Marijuana Bill
TD Gino Kenny Listening to Audience Members

TD Kenny , was so touched by their story that drew up a bill with his colleagues in the Dáil Éireann (lower house of Irish Parliament)to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana in Ireland.

TD Kenny said that this whole experience changed his entire view points about the issue. ” Before hearing Ava’s story I knew nothing about marijuana use , except smoking a couple of joints,” said the 44 year old PBP TD.

Mr. Kenny described what he learned at the Global Cannabis Conference in Dublin as life changing . ” It was one of those events that you come out of like a changed person.” He was happy to announce that due to their hard campaigning the decision on the legalization of medicinal marijuana will be made earlier.

An activist whose partner used to obtain marijuana capsules illegally in order to alleviate her pain caused by MS disease, also spoke at this meeting.

Audience members also shared their stories about how medicinal marijuana saved them or their loved ones from a lot of pain.

Medicinal Marijuana Meetings Maldron Hotel
In Pain this man Demanded Decriminalization of Cannabis from TD Kenny

If this Bill would Pass…..

With the legalization of medicinal marijuana , Ireland will join the list of countries who have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, such as the United States and some European countries.

Medicinal Marijuana Meeting at Cork's Maldron Hotel
This Woman Spoke of a Pain her Teenage Son used to go through before Trying Cannabis


Anti Austerity Alliance

Anti Austerity Alliance (People before Profit)
Anti Austerity Alliance (People before Profit) Banner at Maldron Hotel Meeting

Anti Austerity Alliance – People before Profit-  is campaigning for different key issues such as abortion rights , legalization of cannabis and  homeless crisis these days.

Are you a concerned Cork resident in favor of legalization of medicinal marijuana? Drop me a line if you want more information on the issue.







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