#CorkLovesMusic: an Event Dedicated to Budding Musical Talents

The first night of #CorkLovesMusic  event took place at  Coughlan’s Live on Cork City’s Douglas Street on Wednesday night this week. Silk, The Sunshine Factory and Ghostking were the performs of the event , while music journalists and producers  such as Ellie O’Byrne (The Irish Examiner) , Ian Ring (Young Wonder/aboveDat), Joe Kelly (Live at St. Luke’s)and Angela Dorgan (First Music Contact, Breaking Tunes, Hard Working Class Heroes, Music from Ireland) spoke at this event.

Coughlan's Live , Coughlan's Bar, Cork Loves Music
The Stage at Coughlan’s Live

Cork Truly Loves Music!

The jam-packed room at Coughlan’s Live proved that Cork truly loves music. The organizers were thrilled about this fact and kept telling each other what a “good sign” it was.

Coughlan's Live, Coughlan's Bar, Audience , #CorkLovesMusic
The Room was Jam-Packed

After a brief introduction by famous music reviewer Mike McGrath , Ghostking , started the show. Matt Corrigan the singer and song-writer of this solo act refers to his genre as “post-mortem” . Corrigan who appeared nervous at first delivered a good performance at the end of the day. More importantly the audience seemed to like him very much as he received a warm applause from them.

Matt Corrigan of Ghostking is Dead at Coughlan's Live, chamber Rock
Matt Corrigan of Ghostking is Dead Performs at Coughlan’s Live , #CorkLovesMusicEvent

However, Silk was by far the best act of the night as their song “Switchblades don’t Sleep” was so catchy and different that compelled some audience members to shout “one more time”!

Silk performing at Coughlan's Live , "Switchblades don't Sleep, #CorkLovesMusic
Music Trio Silk , Stole the Show with their Song “Switchblades don’t Sleep”

 No Place for the Ordinary Music Consumer

Ellie O’Byrne, one of the speakers of the event asked the audience members how many of them were music reviewer, fans of certain genre of music, producers or even aspiring musicians themselves.

Ellie O'Byrne at Coughlan's Live, #CorkLovesMusic
Ellie O’Byrne speaking at the Coughlan’s Live Cork Loves Music Event

At the end, it was proved that all the audience members or at least most of them did belong to one of those categories. O’Byrne then explained that she was asking these questions to make a point that these events are not supposed for ordinary music consumers such as taxi drivers. Trying to get everybody involved was the main point that this journalist tried to make.

History of the Event

#CorkLovesMusic was first presented by TEDx CorkSalon last year as a two night performance and talks in Coughlan’s Live. The first night of which took place last night.

Even though Coughlan’s live is a humble place with limited  space and equipment but the audience had a very good time on the whole, this Wednesday. Mike McGrath music reviewer who also hosted the night , followed the talks and performances sitting on the floor, since there was not enough space for putting more chairs in the small room at Coughlan’s live.

Mike McGrath at Coughlan's Live , Cork Loves Music
Mike McGrath Followed the Acts and Speeches Sitting on the Floor

All in all, the up- and- coming performers found a place to showcase their talent (and probably attract a music producer) at the event and this is never a bad thing.




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