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Cork Housing Activists Demand Immediate Public Housing

Cork’s housing activists gathered outside the City Hall, demanded an immediate solution to the housing problem from their local politicians.

Protestors marched from St.Patricks’s hill to Cork City Hall where the budget meeting took place.

The activists called out Eoghan Murphy, Minister for housing with slogans such as Eoghan Murphy can you sleep? People are dying on the streets.

Housing Activist Treasa DeBarra demand public housing in Cork
Housing Activist Treasa DeBarra

“It’s a political choice that does not recognize housing or shelter as a human right,” said Cork housing activist Treasa DeBarra.

“We are here to urge councilors to reject the budget as it is. The budget does not allocate funding that is adequate or needed to solve the housing emergency, but it could. It could have the adequate funding, and it must have it,” said Ms. DeBarra.

Housing public housing cork city hall cork city budget Ireland
Housing Protestors in Cork City

The young activist expressed little hope that their efforts would block the housing budget.

“Sadly my friends, the chances are slim that the budget would be blocked.,”  said Ms. DeBarra.

“It will be passed by the same forces that are watching our people get evicted and die on the streets,” said Ms. DeBarra.

T.J Hogan from the Traveller community also spoke at the event and described the housing situation direr for his community.

“Some of us like to live in houses just like settled people. Travellers looking for houses face the same problem as the settlers do,” said Mr.Hogan.

“Travellers face additional problems if they look for rental accommodation, “said Mr.Hogan.

Rent prices have increased dramatically in the past few years. According to the latest reports, the average rent in Cork city is 1,100 Euros.

The situation has led to evictions, homelessness or groups living in unsafe conditions in small homes.

Housing protest Cork City Cork City Hall Ireland Housing Crisis
Housing Protestors outside Cork City Hall

Ireland came third in the list of countries which have experienced a hike in housing prices this year.

Housing Crisis Ireland Treasa DeBarra Cork City Cork City Hall
Cork People Deman Immediate Public Housing

Yesterday, the housing minister Eoghan Murphy vowed to change the law to force stronger penalties on homeowners found guilty of putting people’s lives in jeopardy with unsafe accommodation.

The government has promised to the tackle the housing crisis many times.

The activists vowed to gather outside the City Council again on Monday morning at 10 A.M.


Cork City Residents Complain of Recent Changes in Tap Water Quality

The Logical Radical has received reports about a sudden drop in Cork City’s tap water quality.

According to some Cork City residents, the change in the water quality has occurred since the temporary nighttime shutdown of City Center’s water supply in late June. However, people living far from the City Center are also experiencing changes in the taste and the smell of their drinking water.

“I don’t know about the water in the city center, but the water in Douglas has had a weird taste for the last two weeks or so,” says a Douglas resident.

“I thought it was just me. Water in Douglas for last 3 weeks tastes earthy. I usually drink loads of tap water but really struggling with it lately. I can still taste it in coffee. Tea not so much,” said another Douglas resident.

While some residents are complaining about changes in the taste of Cork City’s tap water, others have noticed some changes in its smell as well.

“It’s not just the taste; there’s even an ‘earthy” smell off mine. Haven’t noticed any problems while drinking it in coffee, but it tastes fairly awful otherwise,” says another Cork resident.

Most residents described the taste of water as “sand-like” and “earthy.”

The City Hall has always confirmed the presence of lead in the water. Water quality sometimes changes due to heavy rainfalls that wash the extra organic material into the rivers and streams. However, it is unlikely that this would apply to the recent changes in water quality of Cork City since there have not been reports of heavy rain falls in a few weeks.

The EPA is the supervisory authority for public water supplies. Irish Water is responsible for monitoring such supplies and for informing the EPA of non-compliant water monitoring results. The relevant local authority prepares short-term and long-term plans to address the problem, for approval by the EPA. The EPA has legal enforcement powers if appropriate action is not taken” according to the citizen information website.

Residents can make an official complaint about the quality of water on the EPA internet site as well.


Housing Budget Passed Despite Objections outside the City Hall

On Wednesday night November 16th, the members of the City Council of Cork,  voted and passed the budget as protesters demanded better housing and services outside the City Hall.

Protesting on the Steps of City Hall

Dozens of Cork citizens gathered outside the City Hall to make their voices heard as members of the City Council were voting the proposed budget.

The protest organized by The People Convention, started at 6:30, with people holding banners and talking through megaphones, in order to make their voices heard. They were upset about the housing crisis and the ever raising rates of rent in the city of Cork, that is due to the shortage of houses.

High Rents in Cork City
Protesting the Shortage of Houses and High Rents in Cork City

The protesters believed that the budget set for housing and services every year, is not really put into building new houses, or social housing. In their view, the government needed to build thousands of houses in order to make housing  affordable for all classes of society(with having a shelter being a basic human right).

Protesters were not Allowed Inside the City Hall

Diarmaid O’Cadhla , Cork based Irish independent politician of People’s Convention, whose organization had organized the protest, had told me  earlier that he was appalled by the current crisis since it had doubled up the population of homeless people in Cork, the main cause of it being the evictions that occurs when people can’t simply afford to pay their high rents.

Diarmaid O’Cadhla at his Humble Office in Cork


What Went Down at City Council’s  Budget Meeting

There was a heated a debate with members of AAA and worker parties, being against the proposed budget.One of them described the budget insufficient , and something that would add to the current repulsive gain of landlords. The Lord Mayor urged the members of Council to agree on a balanced budget, or to agree on appropriate amendments.

When different sections of the budget was put into vote members of AAA and Worker parties voted against almost all of them. However, the budget was passed, with a hope that it would actually lead to better housing and services in the beautiful city of Cork.

P.S: No camera was allowed inside City Council’s budget meeting.

Housing Crisis in Cork: a Long Story with no Happy Ending in Sight

Protesters outside Cork’s City Hall Demanding an End to the Evictions

There is a housing crisis going on in Ireland, with the city of Cork (second important city after Capital City of Dublin) being most affected by it. Cork, which is home to one of Ireland’s top universities(University College of Cork) welcomes hundreds of international students each year. However, with the current housing crisis even Irish citizens cannot afford a decent above-head. Not only students have to share their living space sometimes with as much as nine people, but Irish folks working in Cork, have to do  the same.

I heard this many times, that in order to find an affordable house in Cork, you have to have certain “connections”, something that I find plainly absurd. Now, and with the passing of the new housing budget, all eyes are on the members of City Council to find out if they are actually going to make a tangible change in the situation at hand. I for one, sure hope so.